ABUNAWAS : Stone Tread

ABUNAWAS : Stone Tread

One day an earthquake shook Abu’s country. It damaged little part of King Aaron’s palace, including his most precious stone pot. It was broken into some pieces. The king called on Abunawas to sew the stone pot. Abunawas asked.

“To sew the stone pot, Your Majesty?”

“Yes!” answered the king.

“But Your Majesty, its impossible.” said Abu.

“I know. But you’re the smartest man in my country. You must be able to do that!” Asked King Aaron.

Abu left the palace. He was very confused. On his way home he took a rest under a shady tree, near a small river. The river had clean and clean water. Abu could see the stones at the bottom of the river. Suddenly he jumped up and his face was bright “I’ve got a good idea!” he shouted to himself.

He walked back to the palace carrying a basket with the broken stone pot on his right hand and a bag full of small stones on his left hand.

King Aaron’s said “You worked so quickly, Abu,” the king said again. “Have you already sewn my stone pot?”

“Not yet, Your Majesty. Before I do that I’d like to ask some questions to one of your ministers.” said Abu.

One ministers came up to Abu to answer his questions.

“Sir,” Abu started, “please tell me what things you need to sew your torn clothes.” Asked Abu .

“Thread, of course,” the minister answered.

“And what is thread made from?” Abu asked again.

“Cotton, of course.”

“Well, then since Your Majesty ordered me to sew the broken stone pot, I need some thread made from stone. ” After saying this, Abu opened his bag and let the small stones out.

“Hey, what are these stones for?” asked the minister.

“I cannot sew Your Majesty’s broken stone pot, unless I’m given some thread made from these stone,” said Abu who walked away calmly, and left everyone in puzzlement.