my holiday...


A foreigner proverb says “you have not come to Indonesia if you have not come to Bali”,

At other times they ask to Indonesian, “where is Indonesia?, is Indonesia a part of Bali?”. Wow!, how famous Bali is?, i want to prove if Bali is really like what people says..

And the day came, Mom and Dad asked me to join them to go to Bali, what a nice trip?!

We stayed in Bali at a hotel near Kuta Beach ,the most famous beach. It was very sensational-we could hear the sound of ocean` s waves every time. We enjoyed our time in Bali, we went to many amazing places, such as Kintamani Lake, Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, Bedugul, Tanah lot and many more.

Kintamani, is the name of a famous lake. My Dad told me that there was a nice song of Ebit G.Ade which tells about the beautiful of Kintamani lake, there I knew that it was surely a beautiful lake.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the biggest statue in Bali, the name refers to the highest God in Balinese Hindu Religion.

At Tanah Lot, we saw a beautiful temple on the sea, and a beautiful sunset.

At one moment, on the way to a tourism site, we passed a big statue called Dewa Ruci. According to my Dad` s explanation, Dewa Ruci is a God who protect ocean in Hindu’s beliefs.

There are too many things to told about Bali, but the conclusion is : it is right what people says, Bali is a very beautiful island, come there and enjoy it!